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Carbon Tax fueled SSI/Medicare sovereign wealth fund

Social security sovereign wealth fund invested in world capital markets

A carbon tax Proposal,
A proposed SSI investment trust fund for all newborns starting in a year “zero”.This initial government investment will always be a government supervised one but the investment will be the personal property of the newborn future retiree. A $200 billion per Annam carbon tax would be divided among all the newborn children born that year and every year after and invested in world capital markets.Carbon Tax stabilizes carbon emissions.


A Teller–Ulam Micro-capsule design for a NIF/LMJ experiment

For use outside the biosphere as a in space engine, and as a nuclear spent fuel destruction option

I propose that Teller-Ulam inspired shelled Fission-Fusion-Fission be used in the design of micro-capsules for test in The National Ignition Facility and the Laser Mégajoule (LMJ) For safety consideration, Uranium and plutonium shelled DT micro-capsules should be simulated with super computers.Alternating layers of lithium and DT might be safe inside the NIF and LMJ test chambers.

Un Teller-Ulam micro-capsules de conception pour une expérience de FIV

Pour une utilisation en dehors de la biosphère comme un moteur de l'espace dans et comme une option de combustible nucléaire usé de destruction

Je propose que Teller-Ulam inspirée bombardé fission-fusion-fission être utilisés dans la conception de micro-capsules pour le test de la National Ignition Facility et le Laser Mégajoule (LMJ) Pour des considérations de sécurité, d’uranium et de plutonium bombardé DT micro-capsules doivent être simulés avec super-ordinateurs.Couches alternées de lithium et DT